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About INC


In Innovative Nutritional Cosmetics (INC Cosmetics) we recognize the importance of a sound science foundation for lash and hair conditioning products. We also care for our customers that have a demand for a more natural and wholesome approach to cosmetics.


We are proud to introduce our new product line which brings together the best of science and nature through nutritionally based and naturally effective ingredients in the hair loss battle, without the use of harsh chemicals, animal products, artificial colours or fragrances, and petroleum derived ingredients, such as petroleum jelly or parabens.


INC Cosmetics was conceived and designed in New Zealand. 


Our Ingredients

Our philosophy and aim for our products is to use scientifically proven ingredients for maximum results in combination with ingredients that provide nutritional benefits.


With the above in mind, our products are not tested on animals and we do not use petroleum based ingredients like mineral oil, petroleum jelly, parabens nor do we include animal products, artificial colours, fragrances. 

Our Packaging

In an aim to reduce our carbon footprint and waste, we will be phasing out external  plastic wrap on the outer containers of our products. Our tubes will wrapped in polyhydroxybutyrate film  ( PHB for short)  which is biodegradable in soil.  For recycling please deposit our packaging with a Sustainable Salon for full recycling of components.


We  Innovate   |   Provide  Nutrition   |    Source  Cosmeceuticals

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